Shrewsbury Town Championship - Summer 2018

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This is a five round Swiss tournament for the titles Shrewsbury Town Champion (overall winner), Shrewsbury Town U140 Champion (highest score by a player graded under 140), and Shrewsbury Town U100 Champion.
To enter please email or ring me 01743 884943 with your contact details.
To be eligible you must be a member of one of the town's chess clubs and of the ECF. Every match must be played either at Telepost or Shrewsbury.
All games will be played under league rules (95 minutes each on the clock to complete all moves) and will be submitted for grading. Should there be a tie then the sum of progressive scores will decide places.
The tournament will run from May until September.
I will publish each round on the internet and by e-mail. If you do not have computer access, please ask a colleague to keep you up to date.
Players must agree date and venue with their opponent the player with white will be regarded as the home player.
This tournament is intended to enliven the summer chess scene in the town by giving players of whatever standard an opportunity to play five competitive games and sample the hospitality afforded to their guests by the town's chess clubs.
Club nights are :-
Monday = Telepost Chess Club *** Friday = Shrewsbury Chess Club ***

(As a last resort it is usually possible to play at Telepost Club on other evenings
- but if so please ring the clubhouse 01743 248205 beforehand )

Please check your own contact details and let me know if they need amending.

And don't forget to let me know your game result ASAP.
Good luck and enjoy. - Keith Tabner - (

Round 1
Mark Smith   Jamie Hopkins  
Phil Zabrocki   Keith Tabner  
John Westhead   Matthew Clark  
Peter Kitchen   Ted Eales  
Nick Holmes   Daniel Lockett  
David Everington   Dennis Bonner  
Shane Sweeney   Matt Best  
John Bashall   Martin Ayres  

Champions Role Of Honour
Trevor Brotherton
Steve Kempsell
Shane Sweeney
Nigel Ferrington
Peter Kitchen
Nigel Ferrington
Steve Kempsell
Nick Holmes
Trevor Brotherton
Keith Tabner
Nick Holmes
Nigel Ferrington
Ivor Salter / Keith Tabner
Kate Walker
Nigel Ferrington
Ian Davies
Shane Sweeney
David Everington
Ivor Salter
John Casewell
Jamie Hopkins
Keith Tabner
John Casewell

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