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Request for clarification by Ian Davies.
The following question has been asked by Ian Davies of Shrewsbury Chess Club:-

“Could you please clarify whether or not a player, who has an official ECF grade of 113, can play for 2 different teams in the same division of the Shropshire Chess League.”

The Shropshire Star indicated that this question really concerned the eligibility or otherwise of Geoff Lee, of the Shifnal & Telford club. If this is the case, it would have been more helpful, as well as more courteous, to have been specific in the question to me instead of through the press. However, Ian has said that the question was not intended to refer to Geoff specifically (but presumably to anyone graded 113).

The relevant rule concerning eligibility is Rule 8:-
•  A reserve may be drawn from a lower team, as follows:
a)      Players graded below 75 can play for any of their club's teams in Division 3 without restriction.

b)      Players graded below 90 can play up into a team in Divisions 1 and 2 without restriction, (providing the lower and higher teams are not both in Division 1, in which case the restriction in sub-paragraph d will apply),

c)      Players graded below 110 can play up into a team in Division 1 without restriction (providing the teams are not in the same Division, in which case the restriction in sub-paragraph d will apply),

d)      Where a player is used more than twice for a higher team, then (unless sub-paragraphs a, b or c apply) he / she becomes a member of the senior team on the third occasion for the remainder of the season. Where a reserve wins by default the result will count as an appearance for the senior team,

e)      Penalties for breaches of rule 8d are stipulated at rule 22.

For a player graded 113, sub-paragraphs a, b and c clearly do not apply. The only question is whether he can play for two teams in the same division. Here sub-paragraphs b and c do provide a guide. They both state that applicable players can do so, subject to the ‘three games rule.' This principle must apply by extension to a player graded over 109 unless there a specific rule to the contrary. There is none. The answer to Ian's question is therefore yes, provided that Rule 8d is complied with.

If the query is indeed about Geoff Lee, the following facts are relevant:-

He joined the club at the start of the current season, but only after team nominations had been finalised at the club's AGM in August and probably after they had been posted on the website (I have no record of the date on which I did so, but it was before the first match of the season).

His grade is indeed 113, below that of the lowest graded nominated member of the club's B team – Stefan Tennant (118), but above the highest graded nominated C team player – Roger Brown (108). Neither the B nor the C team captain has made any secret of that fact, as far as I am aware, and I have asked them both.

He has made the following appearances for the Shifnal & Telford club:-

  • 8 Oct 08 - C team v Wellington A
  • 15 Oct – B v Newport B
  • 17 Oct – C v Shrewsbury B
  • 28 Oct – B v Ludlow
  • 29 Oct – C v Church Stretton B
  • 11 Nov – C v Ludlow
  • 12 Nov – B v Church Stretton B
  • 28 Nov – B v Shrewsbury B
  • 7 Jan 09 – B v Shifnal & Telford C
  • 8 Jan – A v Church Stretton
  • 28 Jan – B v Shrewsbury C
  • 5 Feb – B v Newport B
  • 12 Feb – B v Wellington A
  • 25 Feb – A v Newport A

This list is taken from the results on the Shropshire Chess website. It reveals the following facts:-

  • Geoff has played 4 times for Shifnal & Telford C, and is therefore ineligible to play for the D team.
  • He has played 8 times for Shifnal & Telford B, and is therefore now ineligible to play for the C team.
  • He has played twice for Shifnal & Telford A, and therefore remains eligible to play for the B team.
  • His 3 rd appearance for Shifnal & Telford B was on 12 th November, since when he has not played for Shifnal & Telford C. There has therefore been no infringement of Rule 8d.

Since his grade lies between the ranges of the B and C teams, I consider it reasonable that he should have been used as a reserve for either team.

His position in each team for which he has played has been consistent with his grade of 113, although on two occasions he has played above Stefan Tennant. Here Rule 11 applies.

Obviously, since I am the Secretary of Shifnal & Telford as well as League Controller, I have had to be particularly careful in my deliberations. However, in the case of Geoff Lee, try as I might, I cannot see any grounds whatsoever for claiming that any rule has been infringed.

Richard Thompson - League Controller - 7 th March 2009

Subject: Shrewsbury A v Shifnal Telford A
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2009 7:52 PM Subject: Shrewsbury A v Shifnal Telford A
Hi Richard
I see that the above match - originally scheduled for 21/11/08 then rearranged for 30/01/09 - has been postponed for a 2nd time!!
This has particular significance as it is crucial in a title race with no less than 4 teams in with a realistic chance of winning. There must be several third parties - such as myself - not directly involved but suspicious that there may be something underhand going on.

Rule 13 states:-

"Matches must be played on the appointed date unless another date is previously agreed by the League Controller and representatives of both clubs. All matches (including postponed matches) must be played by 30 April. "

Clearly both teams would like to field full strength sides - but as two of the county's largest clubs it is inconceivable that no reserves were available - and indeed if that were the case then a default is in order.

In the interests of transparency - so that justice can be seen to be done - perhaps an announcement would be in order to confirm that rules have not been broken. And indeed what was the new date previously agreed by yourself and both clubs. I am sorry that this puts you in an embarrasing position as a member of one of the clubs involved - however the impartiality of the league controller must be above question as I'm sure you will agree.
Regards Keith

Sent 21/02/09
13th March. This was agreed between both captains.  My practice has always been not to interfere with anything that two clubs have agreed between themselves, unless it has involved two teams from the same club.  In such cases, the rule is that the matches should be played first in the respective halves of the season, so as to avoid any chance of manipulation to give one team or the other points to help it go up or stay up or win a championship, as the case may be.  Also, I would insist on all matches being completed before the scheduled end of the season.  But apart from that, I have been fairly relaxed about rearrangements.  In this case, I had no prior knowledge of the circumstances.  You'll understand that my standard has fallen so low that I'm kept far away from the A team these days. Regards Richard

Sent 25/02/09
Hi Richard
Thanks for the clarification.
I agree that it is better that matches be decided over the board rather than via the rulebook.
However it must be embarrassing for captains such as Church Stretton's Steve Rooney who defaulted a match v Telepost this season when he too couldn't raise a team that night. Clearly he didn't know that rule 13 could safely be ignored this season - assuming that you will extend this waiver to everyone. Indeed his team may be relegated for following the rulebook.
Perhaps we should debate at the AGM which rules apply to all teams and which are optional. 
Regards Keith


Disputed game between G. Viszokai (Coddon B) and D. Powell (Wellington B) 22 nd January 2009.

The following claim has been made by Derrick Powell:-

“In the game of G. Viszokai (White) vs. D. Powell (Black) on 22 nd Jan., White had 50 mins remaining when Black, having about 20 secs., stopped the clocks, claiming White could not win and claimed a draw.

“About the last dozen White moves had been indecisive toing and froing and the King had even been backed away from the action.

“Black's Rook decisively controls squares which White's Bishop cannot, and can prevent white pawns queening.

“There are probably many successful variations for Black but P-e5 swaps off one of White's pawns, simplifying for Black.

“Please put this before the Disputes Committee or have it adjudicated.”

The game was accompanied by a position, but no score of the game, showing:-

White: K on e3, B on d3 and Ps on a5, f4 and g5.

Black: K on d6, R on g7 and Ps on e6 and g6.

Black to move.

I subsequently received, via the League President, a scoresheet from George Viszokai, showing the same position, again without the full score, but just the final 5 moves played by each player in descriptive notation:

49…….. K-Q2; 50 B-Q3 R-KN2; 51 P-N4 K-K2; 52 P-N5 PxP; 53 PxP K-Q3; 54 P-R5

George claimed that Black had only 10 secs. left on his clock. I do not consider the disparity to be material to the outcome of this claim.

Firstly, I cannot put this claim before the Disputes Committee. According to the League Rules,

•  Any disputes arising from the interpretation or application of the laws of chess or the league rules will be resolved by the League Controller. Appeals against the League Controller's decisions must be sent in writing to the General Secretary within 14 days. The matter will be referred to a Rules and Disputes Committee, consisting of the President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer and A.N.OTHER. If one or more of these officers is a party to the dispute, the President may appoint replacements acceptable to both parties. The League Controller may be invited to attend and to give advice but will not be able to vote. The Committee's decision will be final.

I therefore must make my decision first, and if either party disagrees with it, he can then appeal to the committee as above, subject to what I have to say at the end.

Nor can I have the position adjudicated. This was abolished as a means of resolving unfinished games by the AGM some years ago.

I am therefore making my decision in accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess. The relevant provisions are considered in Appendix D as follows:-

D. Quickplay finishes where no arbiter is present in the venue.

D1. Where games are played as in Article 10, a player may claim a draw when he has less than two minutes left on his clock and before his flag falls. This concludes the game.
He may claim on the basis

a. that his opponent cannot win by normal means, and / or

b. that his opponent has been making no effort to win by normal means.

In (a) the player must write down the final position and his opponent verify it.
In (b) the player must write down the final position and submit an up-to-date scoresheet. The opponent shall verify both the scoresheet and the final position.
The claim shall be referred to an arbiter whose decision shall be the final one.

Article 10 rules on quickplay finishes with an arbiter present and has no relevance to the present situation.

In my view, this rule is not to be seen as a magic wand allowing a player a miraculous escape from the inevitable consequences of his poor time management and offering him the chance of adjudication with the added bonus of removal of the all-important time factor. Rather, it is an extension of the normal rules applying if a player's flag falls before he has completed the requisite moves: the opponent wins provided he can possibly win by normal means. This usually means, provided he has sufficient material to do so, including pawn-promotion if necessary. To this is now added the proviso that he must be playing normally, not just moving aimlessly to use up time.

So, can White win by normal means? Yes, he can. He has three pawns, any of which, if promoted, will give him sufficient material to give mate. Whether or not Black can prevent this happening is irrelevant. He is out of time, and his stopping the clocks is an acknowledgment of this fact. This is exactly the same as if Black's flag had fallen. Black's claim therefore fails on this ground.

Has White been making an effort to win by normal means? For this claim to succeed, Black was required to submit a scoresheet, completed at the time and verified by White. He did not. He must be deemed to know the rules, particularly if he is invoking them to make his claim. I appreciate that he need not have kept the score during the final 5 minutes, but he should have updated it after the game. Without the verified scoresheet, I am unable to judge definitively whether White has or has not been making an effort to win by normal means. All I have is the last 5 moves as recorded by White, but not verified by Black. However, I have no reason to doubt that they are probably correct. Of those last 5 moves, 3 were pawn advances, including the passed a-pawn into Black's half of the board. If this is the case I cannot see how a claim that White is making no effort to win by normal means can be sustained. Black's claim therefore fails on this ground also.

Black's claim having failed on both these grounds, my decision is therefore that the game is won by White – George Viszokai.

I would normally conclude by advising Derrick that he has the right to appeal to the Rules and Disputes Committee within 14 days. However, Appendix D states that the arbiter's decision is final. The Committee would first have to decide whether they have the power to hear an appeal before considering its substance.
Richard Thompson Controller



Past Years' Archive

Chess Magazines - I'm going to be moving later this year, so I have a large number of chess magazines that I'd like to dispose of. They include Chess (old and new versions) and British Chess Magazine, as well as several foreign magazines (American, French, Russian).Please e-mail me for more info.
Regards Jim Wilkinson ( )

County Open Team 2005-06 This season we are getting off to a rather late start with the MCCU Championship. The first match scheduled for 29th October against Warwickshire was posponed to avoid a conflict with the Oswestry & BCF Team Quick Play events. I once again have pleasure in inviting you to play for the Shropshire Team.
The fixtures are given below. There are three matches. The competition is now run on a league basis with two divisions. The bottom team for the season being relegated, etc.
Unfortunately, our success last season means we have to play both of the strongest teams in the West Midlands and also Lincolnshire from the East Midlands. A pyrric victory last year, perhaps! Unfortunately, our match against Greater Manchester has hit a snag. Manchester has a new Captain who didn't know of our agreement to play at a >mutually convenient neutral venue. Whilst he will honour the agreement, it means that we have no venue at present as the usual one at the St Leonard's Club in Stafford is not now open on a Saturday.
We could have the hall on a Sunday so would you let me know by return if you would play on SUNDAY 27th November.
The dates of the matches are given below together with the usual questionnaire. Please complete and return this form to let me know your interest and possible availability for each match. I hope that you will make every effort to play for the team, as Shropshire needs your support.
The dates of the matches are: - Y/N/R
25th November ......... Away to Greater Manchester. ...................... ............
To be played at a neutral venue.
28th January .............. Away to Lincolnshire.............................. ............
I will endevour to agree a neutral venue for this match. Presumably in Derbyshire. Any ideas?
25th February.............. Home to Warwickshire. ............................... ............ Venue The Scout Hut, Shifnal.
There are no Semi-finals or Finals.
Do you need a lift to home matches? ........................................................ ............
Do you need a lift to away matches? ......................................................... ............
Can you give a lift to other players? ......................................................... ............
Would you please return the above to let me know if you are willing to play or stand in as a reserve in these matches if you are available on the day.
Enter Y for Yes, N for No, R for reserve
.Windsor Peck. Tel: 01952 87955
1970s and 1980s Remembered
Hi Keith - How time flies! I have just enjoyed reading the history of Shropshire chess and wondered what had happened to the last twenty years. In fact recently, I found a game that I played in 1975 for Sutton hill chess club, when I was 7 years of age. I actually remembered that it was my responsibility to play new members who had entered the club; one person being Richard Thompson!! Then we moved to the Madeley Court and became Telford chess club. There were some interesting players back then who were dedicated to Shropshire chess like Jack Baldwin, Lou Prescott, Norman Andrews, John Freeman, John Tunks, Alan Knight and of course my father Tony Darmanin. Later on, in the 1980's, enthusiastic players like George Viszokai, Eugene Raby, Dennis Buttery and others became unsung heroes of Shropshire chess ferrying the juniors about to various competitions it was a great time!!

I now live on the outskirts of Whitchurch where I run my antiques and furnishings business.
It is good to see that Shropshire chess is going strong. I was lucky enough to play for Sutton Hill, Telford, GKN Sankeys and Newport chess club, (playing behind Nick Rutter on board 2!!); and have some great memories.
Sometimes I get the chess bug to come back and play as the only games that I get are on the net, but unfortunately I think the nearest club is Shrewsbury, 25 miles away!!
Any way keep up the good work;
Kind regards- Philip Darmanin 03/11/05

Memories of the 1960's
My name is Garry Hewitt, originally from Whitchurch and I played for Wellington Chess Club from about 1967 onwards. I was pleased to see my name in the 1960's history section as Board 19 in that historic win against Worcestershire. My teachers at that time were Miss. C.M.Murphy and Miss Ingram. I recall winning the Shropshire Junior Lightning Congess around 1968.
I left Whitchurch to go to Durham University in 1969 and furthered my chess playing at Darlington Chess Club and with Durham University, representing Durham County on Board 4. Unfortunately I also continued playing Rugby and training nights were on the same night. One had to go! 25 years later give or take a few broken limbs, I stopped playing rugby and through computers started playing again. I am now back with Darlington Chess Club and although I doubt whether I can reach my former heights, I am on the County and Congress scene and enjoying playing.
I found the website by accident in trying to get more information on Miss Murphy. My E-mail is I was captain of Sir John Talbots Grammar School team and recall stuffing Adams Grammar School on a number of occasions.I would be pleased to
hear from anyone who can recall those days.Garry Hewitt ( aged 52 years )02/10/05
County Team or 4NCL
In reply to Nick Graham's suggestion that the county should drop its county team and enter a 4NCL team because Few players want to give up their Saturdays to travel long distances to play (and usually lose against a stronger opponent) a single game of chess
My understanding of the 4NCL format is that virtually the whole weekend is spent playing a couple of games at a near-grandmaster (i.e. very slow) time control.
I have to agree that the county has struggled to field a strong county team, largely because several of the strongest players in the county have turned out only a handful of times for the county (between ALL of them) of the past three or four years. Why would these strong players give up the whole weekend and travel to Birmingham when they won't give up a Saturday afternoon and travel to Stafford?
As one of those players who IS prepared to give up a Saturday afternoon and travel, I don't see 4NCL as improving my chess-playing experience, and accordingly declined an invitation to be available for a 4NCL team.
If enough players are interested in 4NCL, go for it, and if it ends up meaning that the county team has to fold for lack of interest, so be it, but let's not drop what we have to try an experiment.Gareth Edwards
The new u/100 campaign is soon to be upon us yet again, and i would like to give a brief resume of what lies ahead for the benefit of the web site users. It is a different format this time, namely a West and East Midland zone section with 4 counties in each. We are of course in the West Midland zone. Our opponents in this zone are: STAFFS A. STAFFS B. WORCESTERSHIRE. The top 2 in each zone going on to play the top 2 in the East zone and consequentely a final play off to see who goes through to the national finals. At least there won't be half as much travelling involved.
Our first match is on Oct.15 home to Worcs.and i will be contacting people shortly about playing.Alternatively, anyone who might like to represent the county at this level might like to contact me on 01743356923, i'm open to all offers depending on the situation! I will try and keep the website updated as best i can with the help of Keith Tabner. Ian Davies.
Greetings from Canada
Hello this is Peter Rans…just to let you know I moved to Canada,not the USA, back in 1977and I’m currently living in Prince George,British Columbia…and just for the sake of balance one of my favourite games from around that time was one I played against Tony Darmanin(Telford),which David Everington also featured in his column…it would be nice to be seen as someone who could win,as well as be ‘demolished’ with grace,humility and wit…amazing what you can find when you do a google search on yourself…all the best…PR…give all my best to David too
Yes, the grades are on line now. I will produce the usual list of players for each club and put it on the web in the next couple of days.
The list is very interesting, I have gone up 4 to 187 but Simon is the new top player at 189 (up 19). In fact we have 3 juniors in the top 10 ( I doubt if any other county can claim that !)
Simon 189, Tom 175 and Gavyn 163. John Bashall is now 160 (up 17) and David Everington is also up 17 at 173. The biggest rise is Chris Lewis (Newport Juniors) up 36 to 97.
Nick Rutter
Neil Allen - Tragically died at Copthorne Drive, Shrewsbury, on July 2, 2005. much loved Son of Roy and Sue, Brother of Paula, Brother-in-law of Dave and dear Uncle to Jack and Kai.
Funeral service at Shrewsbury Crematorium on Monday 18 July 2005 at 1.20pm.
Family flowers only please, donations if desired to The County Air Ambulance.
Sadly missed by all.
Inquiries please to the Funeral Directors W R R Pugh and Son 133 Longden, Coleham, Shrewsbury. 01743 344646 - Shropshire Star 12 July 2005
Ludlow Venue Change - We are back at The Unicorn Inn, Lower Corve Street, Ludlow - Richard Tapley 04/05/2005
BCF Quarter Finals
Dear Players,
As a reward for the County First Team's performance in the MCCU competition Shropshire has qualified to play in the BCF County Championship. Although you were not able to play in the MCCU rounds it gives me great pleasure to invite you to play for the County in the BCF Championship. The County needs to field (or is it 'board') the strongest team possible so your support is paramount. Please do not be reluctant to accept for fear of displacing someone who has played in the MCCU rounds. Oversubscription is not normally an issue I and assure you that regular players will only be displaced in the interests of the team as a whole.
In the first round (quarter final) we have been drawn against Kent. The details are as follows:
Date Saturday 14th May. Start 2 o'clock.
Playing Time Each player has 2 hours for 40 moves and then 30 minutes each to finish the game.
Venue Bedford of Milton Keynes. The usual board fee of £2.00 will apply.
I hope that you will do your best to accept as it would be good for the County to muster the strongest side possible.Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you can play.
If anyone knows of any strong players who have left the county but might still be eligible to play for the team would you please let me know.
Yours sincerely, Windsor Peck 1/05/2005
Junior Chess
Just to let you know of developments on the junior chess front. Francis Best and Steve Rooney have agreed to take on the co-ordination of junior chess for the county trials and county matches. The next trials will be in the autumn.
In addition we are setting up a junior chess club at Shrewsbury's regular venue at the Wenlock Rooms, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Welshpool Road. Initially it will run one Friday a month in the summer - confirmed dates 20 May, 17 June and 15 July from 6.30pm to 7.45pm. We will be advertising it to schools around the county and aiming to invite the regular players from county U-9 and U11 teams. We would be delighted to receive any offers of help from players from other clubs.
Alan Shaw has done a marvellous job over many years in building Shropshire junior chess, not just in helping to develop some of our now well-known junior stars, but also for giving an opportunity to so many children to learn about the game. It is up to all of us to continue that legacy to help enthuse and support the junior stars of the future. If you can help or want more information please email - Steve Rooney 29/04/05

Thank You
A big thank you to all captains, and all involved in submitting results.As a result of playing matches when due,or in the case of the few postponements,playing them shortly after the due date we ended up with an exciting climax to the season with many issues unresolved right up until the last week. A much better situation than having teams with matches in hand knowing exactly what was required. Please pass on my thanks to everyone.

I plan to issue next seasons Div 1 fixtures as soon as I am able and then plan the 3rd Darwin Festival.For this I am hoping to put together a tournement with 75% of the entry fees going out in prize money. I have a volunteer to help me and as soon as we have agreed the format will email you of all the details. John Casewell 05/04/05
Romanian Chess Master
Boy is it hard work trying to get people to join in a new venture like the new chess club I am kick-starting. But, ....... it is coming together.
I have entered our meagre membership into the Cox Trophy and the 'Minor' Competitions. Why not? All good fun and it get's things rolling.
Now I have been in contact with the Romanian Chess Federation and one of there rising stars is 28 yr old Romanian Chess Master and world title contender by the name of RAUL-ALEXANDRU NEAGOS.
He is visiting the UK at my request for a tour of Chess Clubs for members to participate in a SIMUL and/or if they prefer it A BLINDFOLD match against them. This would be followed by an open question and answer period and Demonstrations of answers where applicable. And no doubt a few pints!
Do you think your club members might be interested? A special evening Autumn 2005
I would like to know soonest so I can schedule his trip with precision.
Shropshire and surround will get preferencial places. - Neil Lancaster 01588 650221
County Open Team make BCF Quarter Finals for the first time in their history.
I think!!For some reason MCCU have three representatives in the BCF quarter finals - strange as there are five unions that I am aware of. The upshot is we get the chance to play Kent. Potentially its like playing Greater Manchester but as its a special occasion we're looking to get our best possible team out. Follow the link on the county open page for the date although this has to be confirmed. Colin Roberts - 31 March 2005
Promotion and Relegation - I think it is about time we had a rule change that would Bar relegated teams from coming straight back up, taking the place of their promoted second teams. It makes me very Angry and is damaging to the spirit of the game. By the way I was opposed to this when my own club used this loophole in the league.
- Stephen Tarr - 5th April 2005
Junior Chess - The Shropshire Chess Community owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Alan Shaw for the tremendous work he has put in for junior chess in the county over more than two decades.
However we cannot abandon the next generation of up and coming juniors. Unless we take urgent action the legacy of Alan's great contribution will be wasted. Ideas please.
Keith Tabner 24 March 2005
Dothill Junior Chess Club - Dothill Chess Club is no more. I decided to stop last year when I had my heart surgery, and then thought that I might as well stop permanently.
Sorry about not informing many people. - Alan Shaw 24 March 2005
Wrekin Congress
A response to John Cox's item on Talking Points:
As someone who is unlikely to reach the heady heights of the 'Open' at the Wrekin Congress, the current practice of having an upper grading limit doesn't affect me as a player. But remember many of us who play in the lower sections also enjoy the opportunity to see the best of our county players pit their wits against strong opposition. John Cox is absolutely right in berating the 'little Shropshire' mentality. Why not have a proper Open section and encourage the best to attend? I very much doubt whether our top county juniors would mind having another opportunity to take a few scalps. And if we can attract (or even invite?) very strong players it might also give us the opportunity to combine it with a possible simul on the Friday/Monday to give local chess a real PR boost. Steve Rooney 18/03/05
Wrekin Congress
I note the congress has sadly become one of these ridiculous restricted events, which apart from barring me, (although I am now based in London, I believe I have only missed one year since it began, with the exception of years in which I’ve been barred), also demonstrates perfectly in one go the reason Shropshire chess remains behind the local standard.
You can play each other all the time, for goodness' sake. As you very properly say in the history, few players ever get the chance to play a grandmaster on level terms. Shropshire players potentially have this chance once a year and what do you do - bar them from playing! What kind of message does that give to young players - or indeed any ambitious players? It doesn't affect me that much - plenty of events to play in though it's a shame not to have the opportunity to catch up with people - but I feel strongly in general it's a Bad Thing.

Has Shropshire ever thought of entering a team in the 4NCL, by the way? It's only up the road - Birmingham for all five rounds next year, I believe, (not absolutely sure about division 4, but I think so). I might be way out of date and one already exists, but if not it seems like a good opportunity. Surely there are six players in the county who could be persuaded to venture out of it this once?! John Cox - 08/03/05
Bishops Castle Chess Club
After an announcement on BBC Radio Shropshire regarding my forming of a new club in Bishops Castle, John Casewell called. He suggested I dropped you a line via the website and said you may be able to help by giving a little publicity on the site. I realise there is a club in Church Stretton and Shrewsbury but they are 25 Minutes away, and so another local club cannot be a bad thing. I intend to run the Club from Bishops Castle, and as soon as I get responses I will be able to arrange a get together with interested parties to fix meetings and venue.
My broadcast for interested parties is currently on air so I look forward to your help and of course, meeting and participating with you all in events in the near future.
My chess email is
My home number is 01588 650221 call me any time - Neil Lancaster
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Sale of Ties - I would be delighted to find any opportunity to offload the 40-odd Shropshire Chess ties which occupy precious space on my shelves.
However, we would need to take into account the views expressed at an AGM 3 or 4 years ago: that the ties should be available only to chess players who have represented Shropshire at any level from school or Junior events up. A vote was taken supporting the view that making the ties available to a wider market would debase the achievement of those who won the right to a tie over the board. Iain Wilson
4NCL - For years Shropshire has struggled to field a county first team. Few players want to give up their Saturdays to travel long distances to play (and usually lose against a stronger opponent) a single game of chess. I believe we should abandon this unpopular format and instead enter a team(s) in the 4NCL.This is the future of chess. We are fortunate to have the 4NCL matches played on our doorstep and it is time that we took advantage of the opportunity this brings. Nick Graham
To put an item on this page email:-