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Division 1

20-Mar-2015, Shrewsbury A v Wellington A: 3.5 - 1.5
18-Mar-2015, Telford A v Oswestry A: 3.5 - 1.5

  15-Mar-2015, Church Stretton A v Wellington A: 3 - 1
15-Mar-2015, Newport A v Wellington A: 1.5 - 2.5
15-Mar-2015, Wellington A v Shrewsbury A: 2.5 - 1.5
15-Mar-2015, Church Stretton A v Wellington A: 3 - 1
25-Feb-2015, Priorslee A v Shrewsbury A: 3 - 1
25-Feb-2015, Wellington A v Telepost A: 3.5 - 0.5
15-Mar-2015, Oswestry A v Shrewsbury B: 0 - 3
15-Mar-2015, Priorslee B v Oswestry A: 4 - 0
14-Feb-2015, Newport B v Priorslee B: 2.5 - 1.5
14-Feb-2015, Newport B v Shrewsbury B: 1.5 - 2.5
14-Feb-2015, Shrewsbury B v Priorslee B: 1 - 3
14-Feb-2015, Shrewsbury B v Oswestry A: 3 - 0
03-Feb-2015, Oswestry A v Newport B: 1.5 - 2.5

Division 2

26-Mar-2015, Telford C v Shrewsbury B: 2.5 - 2.5
26-Mar-2015, Wellington B v Priorslee Lions B: 0.5 - 4.5

Division 3

24-Mar-2015, Church Stretton B v Newport Juniors: 3 - 1
17-Mar-2015, Newport B v Oswestry B: 3 - 1
Cotswold Chess Congress
At King's School, Gloucester, Whitsun Bank Holiday,
23 rd 25 th May 2015
Details Here - John Harris Secretary
Shropshire Rapidplay League
For full fixtures, venues and results see sbove.
Details and rules here - Chris Lewis - controller
Tribute to Alan Wright - Ludlow Chess Club
Tribute to John Tunks

Unity Cup
Results, news and details here

Change of Chess Club Details  
Telford Chess Club
Our new venue is The Royal British Legion, Station Road, Dawley, Telford  TF4 2NW.
Club night will continue to be Wednesdays at 7.30pm,
Details here - Richard Thompson
Shropshire Chess Association AGM 8th July 2014
Several important rule changes were agreed at AGM.The General Secretary has published in full amended rules and minutes of the meeting here. - Keith Tabner

Church Stretton Chess Club

Church Stretton chess club is returning to its former venue for the start of the 2014-15 season.
Club night Thursdays. Venue - Church Stretton & District Club, 6 Essex Road, Church Stretton SY6 6AS - Steve Rooney Secretary 

Ludlow Chess Club
Ludlow Chess Club has a new secretary: myself. It also has yet another new venue The Feathers Hotel, The Bull Ring, Ludlow SY8 1AA on Tuesday evenings. For details see our new website - Richard Croot Secretary

Link to Live Games
To be featured from time to time - watch this space - courtesy Shrewsbury Chess Club 
Summer Team Quickplay 2013 - Report here
Shropshire Chess Congress 2013
Results here - Report and picture gallery here - Anotated master game here
County Teams
Open Team - withdrawn
U140 Team - captain Roger Brown
"If available to play pls contact me:-"
Tel: (01746) 768 604
January 2015 Grades
Here are the latest Shropshire Grades.
And here is the national
online grading database,
- Nick Rutter 29/01/2015
Tribute to Iain Wilson, former SCA President

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Shropshire Junior Chess
Keep up to date with the junior chess scene - Steve Rooney
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Please visit my new website Carl's Planet - Carl Portman
Visit our new Priorslee Lions Chess Club website - - Gary White
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Extract from Wellington Journal 1st December 1860
Great Chess Match -
A chess-match of considerable interest was played on Friday evening week, at the rooms of the Shropshire Mechanics' and Literary Institution, Dogpole, Shrewsbury. Mr Lumbley, a blind gentleman from Manchester, who has attained considerable rank as a chess player, undertook to contest six different games at once against six of the best amateurs in Shrewsbury who were willing to take up the challenge. The boards were taken by Dr. Kennedy, Charles Phillips,Esq., W.D.Field,Esq., Mr.S.E.Smith, Mr.J.T.Rawlings, and Mr.Charles Dixon. The play commenced at eight o'clock, and did not terminate till nearly two the following morning, and resulted, after a very interesting struggle, in Dr.Kennedy, Mr.Phillips, and Mr.Smith, winning their respective games, and Mr.Lumbley gaining the remainder.
During the evening Captain Cholmondeley, Mr.F.Sandford, Mr.Foulkes, (surgeon), Mr.Cresswell, and many other admirers of the game were present, though as the boards were already full they did not take part in the contest. Mr. Lumbley is only 23 years of age, and has been totally blind since he was 13. He has, however, a thorough command of the board, and from his powers of combination and extraordinary memory, is a very formidable opponent. - courtesy Alan Brisbourne
Daily Chess Puzzle
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2013-14 Role of Honour
Div 1 Champions =Telepost A............ Runners Up = Newport A.........
Div 2 Champions = Ludlow A............ Runners Up = Oswestry A........
Div 3 Champions = Telford C.............Runners Up = Shrewsbury C.......
Quickplay Winners = Newport.............Runners Up = Shrewsbury...........
Cox Trophy Winners = Priorslee Lions A...Runners Up = Newport A........
Minor KO Winners = Shrewsbury B...........Runners Up = Newport A......
The 2014 County Individual Champion - Nick Rutter
2014 Shrewsbury Town Champion -
2012-13 Role of Honour
Div 1 Champions =Newport A................ Runners Up = TelepostA...............
Div 2 Champions = Wellington A......... Runners Up = Priorslee Lions B........
Div 3 Champions = Oswestry A.................Runners Up = Wellington B.......
Quickplay Winners = Telepost .............Runners Up = Church Stretton...............
Cox Trophy Winners = Newport A ..........Runners Up =Telepost A...........
Minor KO Winners = Wellington A...............Runners Up = Ludlow A......
The 2013 County Individual Champion - Jamie Hopkins
2013 Shrewsbury Town Champion - Nigel Ferrington
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